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3 Top Tips When Buying Logo Mats

on Thursday, 24 September 2015. Posted in Tips & Tricks

3 Top Tips When Buying Logo Mats

1 – Quality – There are many companies that manufacture personalised mats but not necessarily for commercial and industrial use.  If you require the product for heavy duty business use you have to expect to pay that little bit more for a durable hard wearing product equipped for heavy footfall. Commercial products are rubber bordered and backed so unlike pvc will not break, chip or tear which is often the case when opting for cheaper items.

2 – Lift and Lay, Recessed or Shaped Mats? – Prices can vary quite considerably between these products but expect to pay more for recessed entrance mats and shaped items such as round or semi-circle.  As you can imagine more customisation goes into the two latter when manufacturing, which in turn pushes the price up.  Well mats usually also require a thicker rubber backing to ensure the logo mat stays firmly in place once positioned in the well area.

3 – Indoor / Outdoor Use? – External floor mats tend to have slightly higher prices than indoor due to the fact that they are geared up for tackling all weather extremes. Outdoor rubber logo mats and brush matting are the most popular external products and designed to withstand the elements.

Ok, so what prices should I be looking to pay for custom logo floor mats?

Branded items do work out slightly more expensive than plain, however, you have to weigh up the pros of having door mats with your logo on to justify this extra spend. Prices generally start from around £74.99 + vat for printed items and increase based on the product, size and shape required and also if the item is for indoor or outdoor use?

Custom Printed Logo Mats – Look to pay around anything from £74.99 + vat, but again prices will vary depending on the size, shape and customisation involved. The design used on this product has no impact on price quoted so you can go crazy with colours, detail and messages!

Printed Logo Mats Prices Start From £74.00



Coir Logo Door Mats – Are made to measure and start from as little as £223.00 + vat.  This type of coir is usually priced on the detail of the design so the more text and detail the higher the price.

Prices For Coir Logo Mats Start From £223.00

Outdoor Rubber Entrance Mats (scraper) –Prices range from as little as £88.00.  This type or product usually comes in standard sizes as it’s an all rubber product and so is moulded into three standard dimensions. 

Outdoor Logo Entrance Mats Prices Start From £88.00


Outdoor Brush Mats – Anything from £225.00 + vat.  Similar to coir this product is made to measure and so prices again vary on the dimensions of the mat.

Prices For Outdoor Brush Logo Mats Start From Just £225.00


Key Benefits To Justify The Cost

  • Floor space in most commercial and industrial businesses is often ignored and goes unnoticed, so when this area has your company advert, brand or a simple welcome message placed here it has a huge impact on visitors, customers and employees.
  • Enhances reception areas and reinforces corporate identity and brand colours.
  • Dual purpose product as not only does it promote your company emblem and colours but also acts as a heavy duty dirt trapper preventing grit, dust and dirt from entering your office, school, retail or commercial premises.

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