Rubber Mats

Our selection of rubber floor matting range includes Rubber Floor Mats, designed for use at entrances or within commercial kitchens, right through to Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mats constructed to reduce tiredness and increase comfort and productivity within the workplace.

We also produce a variety of rubber backed and bordered mats, each constructed with a different carpet pile depending on the product usage and unique feature. A rubber mat purchased from Mats Nationwide can be customised to your made to measure size – useful if you require a large rubber mat or unusual size to fit a specific doorway. Alternatively, you can order in any of our bestselling standard and runner sizes. The non-slip, heavy-duty border and backing applied ensures maximum stability and minimal movement.

Rubber Mats

Rubber Floor Mats

100% Nitrile EXS™ rubber is used on our rubber doormat range. A premium rubber that provides maximum oil resistance, weight reduction and flexibility. This rubber floor matting will not crack, chip or bend and is extremely durable, even in the toughest conditions.

Inorganic antimicrobial characteristics are also built-in to each of the rubber door mat products used within kitchen, bars and wet areas. This is to inhibit the growth of bacteria, such as E-coli and Staphylococcus Aureus.

Indoor & Outdoor Rubber Mats

Rubber floor matting is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, primarily used as an outdoor entrance mat to scrape shoes clean prior to entering your premises.

Simply pair up exterior rubber entrance mats with your chosen indoor matting. The external rubber floor matting will act to remove the majority of excess dirt, whilst the indoor doormat will absorb excess moisture, as well as removing finer particles of dust and dirt. This complete floor protection solution ensures every business has safe, clean floors and reduces the risk of slips.

Rubber Entrance Mats

Outdoor rubber entrance mats are the first line of defence against tough dirt, grit and moisture. They’re designed to scrape shoes clean before entering your business. However, we recommend a dual-action approach when ordering your doormats to ensure maximum floor protection. Rubber backed door mats are ideal for entrances.

Rubber Matting for Commercial Kitchens & Bars

Our kitchen products feature both anti-fatigue and anti-microbial properties, essential in an environment where cleanliness is paramount. Kitchen staff will often require an anti-fatigue rubber floor mat to be placed in front of dishwashers, cookers and preparation areas, or any area where kitchen staff are stood for long periods of time.

Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mat Solutions 

Anti-fatigue mats are designed for areas where staff are standing for prolonged periods of time. Up to 80% of workers who stand at work suffer from backache, headaches, poor circulation or poor knee and foot problems.

With Rubber Anti Fatigue mats in place, tiredness is reduced and comfort increases by 50% to that of a hard floor. This unique rubber mat encourages posture change and ensures feet aren’t affected by changes in temperature or vibration in the floor. Overall we have statistics to show that this reduces staff absenteeism by up to 30%.

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