Custom Coir Logo Mats

Coir logo mats created with natural coconut fibre, make great entrance mats as they can feature a company or organisation name, logo, branding or a welcome message. Coir is an excellent material for floor mats as it is hard wearing and absorbent, ideal to collate all the dirt, grit and dust from the shoes of employees, visitors or customers. Aside from being all-natural, coir is low maintenance and there are options for a coir logo mat to be set into a mat well, or with rubber backing. As well as adding a logo to a coir mat, customers are able to order a made to measure coir mat.

Coir Logo Mats
Coir Logo Mats
Coir Logo Mats
From: £241.00 Per Mat
Wide Colour Range Available

Custom Coir Logo Matting

Coir logo mats are produced differently to our nylon mats or any other logo mat in the Mats Nationwide product line up. The logo, branding or message is actually cut and inserted into the coir mat rather than printing, which ensures the longevity of the coir logo mat. Free artwork visuals are available as part of the ordering process, meaning customers can visualise exactly what the coir logo mat will look like before placing an order. This skilled technique requires a little more time, but the final product will be well worth the wait.

For customers on the lookout for a traditional and classic look, why not try black graphics that stand out against the soft natural backdrop of the coir material. Coir mats are only suitable for indoor spaces either at entrances, or anywhere inside the building.

Benefits of Coir Logo Mats

Coir logo mats are well worth the investment as the material is highly durable and effective at collecting any rainwater, dirt and moisture from the outside. Bespoke logo designs on a coir mat give a great first impression and require minimal maintenance, with a simple brush or vacuum required every now and again to keep the mat tidy and free from the collected the dust and dirt.

Mats Nationwide offer a choice of 9 classic coir colours to create your logo; natural, bleach red, russet, blue, black, brown, grey and green. Each coir logo mat is made to measure and custom cut to size and can be loose lay or recessed into your floor space, and is PVC backed to help the product stand the test of time.

How to Order a Coir Logo Mat From Mats Nationwide

The process for ordering a coir logo mat is straightforward.

Email the details of your logo through to our design team and confirm the quantity, product and size required. We will create a complementary visual that will be emailed to you for approval to show the finished customised mat. The visual design of the coir logo mat can be amended free of charge until you are completely satisfied with the end result.

If you require your coir logo matting order by a particular deadline, please contact one of our team on 01565 756152 or email and we shall endeavour to work with you to meet your businesses target date.

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