Workshop Mats

Mats Nationwide stock a variety of floor mats designed to reduce risk in a workshop, including slips, trips and falls, as well as injuries caused by fatigue from standing in one spot for long periods. Workshop mats are hugely beneficial to employers, reducing accidents and absence, as well as boosting productivity. Take care of your staff with the introduction of premium workshop floor mats.

Workshop Mats
Oil and Grease Resistant Anti Fatigue Mats
Oil and Grease Resistant Anti Fatigue Mats
From: £240.00 Per Mat
  • Black Rubber / High-Visibility Orange Border
Rubber Anti Fatigue Mats
Rubber Anti Fatigue Mats
From: £43.00 Per Mat
  • Black

What is the Best Flooring for a Workshop?

It depends on the workshop environment as to what workshop floor mats are best. In some workplaces, the mat will need to be fire resistant for tasks such as welding, while other workshops might need holes to allow liquids or excess materials to run into.

At Mats Nationwide, our knowledgeable team have over thirty years’ experience and will be happy to offer advice as to which workshop mat is most suitable.

Types of Workshop Mat

We have workshop floor mats to suit individuals who work at home in a garage or shed space or are lucky enough to have their very own workshop, right through to blue chip organisations who need to order a bulk order of workshop mats.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue floor mats act as a cushion for the busy workplace to help reduce the fatigue caused by standing in the workplace for prolonged periods, especially on hard surfaces.

Anti Static Mats

Anti static mats are designed to dissipate static electricity. In some workplaces, simply working, walking or even sitting can create static electricity. Left unchecked, static can discharge into static sensitive equipment, potentially causing damage. Anti-static matting drains static from workers, preventing unpleasant static shocks and safeguarding equipment in the workplace.

Swarf Mats

Swarf matting enhances health and safety and by collecting ‘swarf’ produced during machining and other manufacturing processes, preventing them from being a trip or slip hazard. Easy to clean at the end of a shift, any swarf such as wood chippings, metal filings or plastic chips are also gathered up in the matting and kept from spreading elsewhere.

Safety Mats

Safety mats are any type of matting used in a workshop to increase safety. Perhaps at the entrance points, workshop rubber mats are used to prevent moisture being brought into the workplace, or floor mats with a yellow border highlight the edge of a workspace. Anti slip mats and mats that are resistant to oil and grease can all be considered to be  ‘workshop safety mats’.

Benefits of Purchasing Workshop Mats

Workshop floor mats improve working conditions, safety and help look after the floor space within the workshop.

  • Keep employees safe from slips, trips, falls and fatigue
  • Prevent the spread of ‘swarf’ or oil and grease outside of the workshop
  • Help employers comply with working condition requirements
  • Absorb impact from tools and machinery
  • Reduce slip risks with heavy rubber mats which stay in position
  • Reduce wear and tear in workshops with heavy footfall
  • Highly resistant to oily or greasy substances
  • Fire resistant

How to Order a Workshop Floor Mat from Mats Nationwide

The process for ordering a workshop mat is straightforward. Simply add standard sized mats to the basket, or complete our online enquiry form outlining the custom size you wish to order along with any additional information or give our sales a team a call.

If you require a workshop floor urgently, please contact one of our team on 01565 756152 or email and we shall endeavour to work with you to meet your businesses target date. We are happy to offer FREE UK delivery and have international delivery available for those looking to purchase workshop floor mats from overseas.


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