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How to Choose the Right Size Door Mat

Made to measure barrier mats

When it comes to choosing an entrance mat for your home or business, it can be difficult to find the size that is right for your entryway. At Mats Nationwide, we are here to help you choose the right size front door mat for your entry area, foot traffic, and environment.

Why is the Right Size Mat Important?

The size of indoor and outdoor entrance mats is important, since a mat that is too small will result in moisture not being captured at the building’s entry points, and a mat that is too large can be cumbersome and expensive. With sizing, it is also about the look of the doorway too. A mat that is too large or too small might not fit correctly in the space and look odd in comparison to your door. Correctly sized mats will look smart and provide the right amount of space for visitors to walk over and reduce the likelihood of dirt being tracked inside, whilst keeping moisture at bay.

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What Sizes do Door Mats Come in?

Most standard door mats will usually measure 18 x 30 inches for an average doorway. However, these dimensions work best for a standard-sized single door. Sizes can range from standard variations such as 18 x 30, all the way up to large door mat sizes ibn sizes such as 7 metres square. At Mats Nationwide we also provide extra large door mats and custom made to measure door mat sizes for the perfect fit.

How Big Should your Door Mat be?

The right size mat will vary depending on the size of your doorway. Even standard doors can vary slightly so it is a good idea to measure your entryway for a guide on the right size. Here are some tips on measuring for your door mat.

How to Measure the Width

A door mat should typically cover at least 80% of the width of your door. Given that the average front door is about three feet wide, your door mat should be at least 29 inches across and for double doors, this is likely to be six feet or at least 9.6 inches wide. Make sure you measure your front door and choose the largest size to fit your space.

How to Measure the Length

After you’ve determined the width of your entry mat, begin measuring the length. Choose a mat size that will allow each person walking on it to step on it twice. It should be large enough to cover both feet and prevent dirt, debris, moisture, and other elements from entering the premises.

If you are looking to buy an entry mat for your business, go for large door mats that are long enough to accommodate three or four steps. It is worth noting that longer entry mats will aid in the removal of dirt, mud, and soil from your businesses foot traffic and can accommodate wheelchair users and pushchairs.

If you are unsure how a certain size mat will look at your premises, drawing marks for varied sizes with chalk is an effective way to figure out what would look good in terms of dimensions. Then you can decide which size mat suits your premises the best.


It’s important to make sure your doors have enough clearance room to avoid the mat and not get stuck. When looking at purchasing a door mat make sure you check the height, especially thicker mats such as coir mats.

At Mats Nationwide, made to measure mats are something we specialise in, including our coir mats range. Our coir matting is available to purchase either cut-to-size to fit a specific space, or by the metre or roll. For more information see our blog on how to cut coir matting.

Glenfiddich Coir Mat

Choose the Right Size Mat Every Time

Mats Nationwide are the UK’s leading supplier of quality nonslip mats. We provide industrial and commercial floor mats as well as a variety of other styles suitable for use in the home, business, or office. Choose from a wide range of standard size variations, or order made to measure entrance mats to your exact size.

You can even have your business name or logo on your entrance mat as well with one of our logo mats. So, if you need a durable, attractive, personalised door mat that’s just the right size, contact us today.