12-Feb-21 | Tips & Tricks

Cut to Size Doormats – How to Cut Coir Matting in 5 Steps

How To Cut Coir Mats

Made to measure mats are something we specialise in at Mats Nationwide, including our coir mats range. Coir matting is available to purchase either cut to size to fit a specific space or by the metre or roll.

Our advice to customers, who are purchasing coir matting for a mat well, is to order with an additional 5cm to both width and length, to ensure the new mat sits perfectly in the well.

Time for New Cut to Size, Coir Matting?

There are a few indications that it is time to invest in new coir matting, and the main one is appearance. If you have a coir mat at the entrance to your store, restaurant, office or building that looks worn and tired, it does not make the best first impression about your organisation to visitors or customers. Equally, if you have a branded or logo coir mat, and the logo is looking faded or you have had a rebrand, then a great way to reinforce a better impression of your business is a fresh looking branded coir mat.

If the edges are broken and the mat is proving to be ineffective at capturing moisture and dirt from shoes, it could even pose more risk with floors then being slippery. At Mats Nationwide, we will help you find brand new coir matting to replace the old and give your entrance a makeover.

With logo coir mats also available, why not add a splash of colour, welcome message or strengthen your brand to delight guests upon arrival? Perhaps even more importantly, allow visitors to brush off any dirt and damp from their shoes to protect your internal floors.

How Do I Cut the Coconut Matting to Size?

For your cut to size coir matting makeover, you will need a few basic tools to complete the job.

Tools for Measuring & Cutting Coir Matting

  • Tape Measure
  • Pen or Pencil & Notepad
  • Sharp Knife
  • Steel Rule or Straight Edge of Spirit Level
  • Marker Pen

To Cut Your Coir Matting, Follow These 5 Simple Steps Below;

We have put the five key steps to help you get the perfect cut to size doormat.

  1. Remove the old coir mat out of the recess well and use the tape measure to work out the length and the width of the well or recess, plus the mat well depth. Make sure you measure up all sides of the mat well, as they aren’t always square. Note down the measurements on a notepad.
  2. Turn your new piece of coir matting upside down.
  3. Mark up the measurements on the back of the coir mat using the marker pen.
  4. Carefully cut the mat to the size of your mat well measurements using a Stanley or sharp knife.
  5. Fit your brand new coir matting into the mat well and press down all the edges to fit it securely.

Job Done – Coir Mat Transformation!

You will certainly see the transformation when you place the new coir matting into the well, giving a fresh look to your entrance!

For those who have ordered a cut to size coir mat, with 5cm allowance around the edge, the same principles apply of marking up the correct measurements apply, but the job will involve simply trimming the excess matting off to leave yourself with a coir mat that fits snug in its new home.

Looking to Place an Order?

Following our simple step-by-step guide will allow you to cut coir matting to the perfect size for your property. However, if you have any further questions, please reach out and get in touch.

We have coir mats for everyone in stock, with a choice of colours, range of depths and foot traffic grades available depending on how busy your entrance is.