13-Sep-23 | Industry News

Entrance Mats For Schools, Colleges & Universities

School Entrance Mats

Logo Entrance Mats for Schools

Mats Nationwide serve a variety of customers throughout the UK, including a number of clients from the education sector. Entrance mats for schools are the first opportunity to make a great first impression, brighten up the entry point and display the school logo. School logos feature on uniforms, marketing materials and signage around the building, so why not reiterate the values the school logo represents at the entrance?

With indoor and outdoor logo mats available in custom sizes and a variety of materials, schools are able to view the design before they buy with our free design service. Not just reserved for schools either, colleges and Universities are able to use the same service to purchase high quality and stylish mats. Customise the mat with the school colours, add a welcome message to sit with the logo and protect floors with a durable school entrance mat or matting system.

Features of our Entrance Mats for Schools

  • Add a school logo
  • Choose a colour that fits in with the school or University
  • Washable
  • Durable
  • Custom sizes
  • Range of materials to choose from
  • Preview the design before you buy for free

Kit Out the Kitchen With Safety Mats

While school entrance mats remain one of our best sellers, we also stock matting products suitable for use in the canteen. Keep staff fresh on their feet with kitchen safety mats, built with anti-fatigue features to help them work in comfort. School kitchens are busy places, and looking after staff is important to make the workplace more enjoyable. Suitable for cooking in the classroom, we often have orders placed by teachers running Food Technology & Hospitality courses.

Protection for P.E.

Help the school caretakers and cleaners with our outdoor bristle mats, perfect for P.E.

It makes sense when you think about it, a class full of kids descending on the changing rooms after a football or rugby session out on the soggy field in October, equals a muddy mess. Hard wearing and dirt collecting bristle mats at least give the opportunity to scrape boots and get most of the muck collated outside, rather than being traipsed into the building. After school clubs and weekend activities often share the same space as the school, but it is possible to safeguard the changing rooms to an extent with durable outdoor mats.

Many schools and Universities are also lucky enough to have swimming facilities. Make the changing rooms safer and walkways less of a hazard with our anti-slip swimming pools mats. In addition to pool mats, keeping leisure facilities clean and tidy is very important and extra large entrance mats help manage footfall and keep floors cleaner for longer.

Get Set for School With Mats Nationwide

Step back into school with our school entrance mats. Our school entrance mats are more than just floor coverings – these mats combine comfort, safety and functionality. Made with washable and waterproof materials, they ensure both easy maintenance and durability. Rain or shine, our school mats serve your purpose, offering an outdoor mat option that withstands the elements while still maintaining quality. Start each school day with confidence, knowing that from the moment you step onto our school entrance mats, you’re setting the tone for a successful day of education.

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