19-Oct-22 | Tips & Tricks

Super Absorbent Magic Door Mats & Benefits for Winter

ultra absorbent mat for offices

As winter approaches and the weather turns, the idea of mud, salt and water getting into your doorway isn’t appealing and can be dangerous should someone slip. Investing in a super absorbent door mat for the winter months can help ensure your entryways stay safe, clean and free from dirt and moisture.

Super Absorbent Magic Mats

So why are super absorbent mats considered magic mats? Absorbent Door & Water Trap Mats are considered to have a magical quality since they can offer excellent water retention. The specially designed water trap mats hold large volumes of water, acting as the perfect barrier mat for your entrances, especially during the winter months.

With its unique water trap containment border, our absorbent doormat can easily hold up to 4.5 litres of water per square metre, boasting an enormous high water retention capacity.

What Are the Benefits of an Absorbent Mat in Winter?

During the winter, a doormat must be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions alongside foot traffic. An absorbent door mat can provide protection against excess water from rain and melted snow and prevent dirt and mud from being tracked inside.

Our absorbent mats feature a range of benefits, alongside removing excess moisture, including being 100% fade and rot proof, slip resistant, and uniquely bevelled around the border for easy wheeled access for prams, wheelchairs and trolleys. These barrier mats are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, which makes them beneficial for winter and a perfect addition to any existing matting.

Winter Floor Safety Tips

Winter Door Mat Cleaning Tips

So how do you wash a magic mat? When it comes to cleaning entrance door mats, most are washable. Our absorbent doormats are able to be cleaned either by vacuum once they are left to dry, or by steam cleaning or carpet cleaning methods.

Wet and snowy weather can be extra difficult to manage, so here are some tips for keeping your entry way clean and dry this winter.

  • Avoid unwanted moisture and dedicate a space for customers to store damp items like umbrellas and wet coats.
  • Sweep up any road salt and dirt tracked indoors to prevent damage and stains to your flooring.

It is also a good idea to invest in a coir mat or other non slip door mat for outside your doorway during the winter to remove the majority of dirt and snow, and then invest in an absorbent door mat for inside your doorway to ensure no excess water or mud gets tracked inside.

Mats Nationwide can help you prepare your business for the winter months and advise you on the perfect winter mat. With FREE UK wide shipping and some products shipped the next day, you can safeguard your flooring before the next lot of bad weather. If you have worn-out winter floor mats that aren’t holding up, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to assist.