27-Jun-23 | Industry News

Leave a lasting impact with our brand new promotional mats


Our promotional floor mats are a fantastic and functional way to promote your brand effectively. These mats not only offer stunning print quality but also deliver functionality and durability, making them the perfect choice for enhancing your brand visibility. 

Let’s delve deeper into what makes promo mats a fantastic and functional solution for promoting your brand. 

Stunning quality and full-colour print. 

Our branded floor mats are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring stunning print quality that captures the identity of your brand. The use of high-definition sublimation printing technology allows for vibrant and eye-catching colours, creating an immersive experience for anyone who lays their eyes on your promotional mat. 

Low profile knitted polyester surface. 

The knitted polyester surface of promo mats offers a premium feel and appearance. This high-quality material not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a comfortable and smooth surface to walk on. It’s a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring your promotional message stands out. 

Premium nitrile backing for durability. 

To ensure long-lasting performance, promotional mats are equipped with a premium Nitrile rubber backing. This durable material offers excellent grip and prevents slips, making these mats suitable for high-traffic areas. Whether it’s a retail store, exhibition booth, or office reception, these mats are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use while maintaining their promotional impact. 

Point of purchase visibility. 

One of the standout features of promo mats is their effectiveness in point of purchase visibility. Placing these mats strategically at checkout counters or other key locations helps to create an instant impression on potential customers. With the eye-catching design and vibrant colours, promo mats are sure to leave a lasting imprint on anyone who encounters them. 

Designed for attention. 

These specially crafted mats are designed for short-term promotional and advertising campaigns, aimed at capturing maximum attention and delivering an emotionally charged message to customers right at the point of sale. 

Additional specifications. 

Our promo mats come with the following specifications: 

Carpet: Brush Knitted Polyester F/C Printed Surface: The brush knitted polyester surface adds texture and depth to the design, enhancing the overall visual impact. 

Rubber: The premium Nitrile rubber backing offers excellent grip, stability, and durability. 

Thickness: 1.4mm: The slim profile of branded floor mats ensures seamless integration into any environment without causing trip hazards. 

Border width: The 2cm border provides a neat and professional finish to the mat, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. 

Backing options: The smooth backing option ensures easy placement and prevents the mat from slipping or sliding on various surfaces. 


Available with and without rubber border: Promo mats can be customised according to your preference, allowing you to choose between mats with or without a rubber border. 

Standard Sizes. 

Promo Mats are available in a range of standard sizes (in centimeters) to cater to various promotional needs. The available sizes include the following: 

60 x 40  85 x 150 
75 x 50  85 x 300 
60 x 85  115 x 180 
85 x 120  150 x 300 


These sizes have been carefully selected to accommodate different spaces, from smaller point-of-purchase areas to larger exhibition booths or entrances. With this variety, you can choose the dimensions that best suit your promotional requirements. 

It’s worth noting that all promo mats adhere to strict quality standards, including size tolerance. The size tolerance for these mats is set at +/- 3%, ensuring consistency and precision in the manufacturing process. This attention to detail guarantees that you receive mats that meet your specified dimensions, enabling seamless integration into your promotional setup. 

Whether you require a compact mat for a confined space or a larger one to make a bold statement, promo mats offer a range of sizes to meet your needs. With their high-quality print, durability, and size options, these mats become a versatile tool in effectively promoting your brand. 

In conclusion 

Promo mats offer a fantastic solution for effective brand promotion. With their stunning print quality, high-quality knitted polyester surface, and premium Nitrile backing, these mats combine functionality with visual appeal. The ability to customise them with your brand message and choose from different specifications ensures a seamless integration into any area where you want to elevate your brand visibility with promo mats and lea ve a lasting impression on your audience. 

Explore our extensive range of promo mats and make a powerful all-important first impression with Mats Nationwide.