27-Apr-22 | Tips & Tricks

Why you should invest in Custom Logo Mats

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Running a business and investing in the right fixtures, fittings and advertising is never an easy task for anybody. There is so much to think about, that often the small first impressions can be overlooked. Here at Mats nationwide we like to address this niche market, by providing professional bespoke logo mats for a range of businesses, industries, and entrepreneurs. We are a firm believer in a professional image can not only impress your clients but can reinforce your all-important look and positioning in the market. At Mat’s Nationwide we offer a large selection of custom logo mats that can be made from a range of materials- such as rubber, coir or anti slip technology that are all customisable to what works best for you.

In this article we will discuss and showcase to you, why investing in these bespoke logo floor mats are not only a mark and signal of professionalism. But a stroke of advertising ingenuity to show off your brand and align more with premium product and service providers.


As we mentioned previously, first impressions matter – and this rings especially true in the corporate world. Your entrance way, and flooring is the first thing many customers and clients see when they walk in the door, so this is prime real estate for your brand. By placing your company logo on a bespoke flooring mat, it creates a strong and confident first impression of your company, that sets the tone for how you operate. By having this initial tone, it showcases pride and seriousness – which is exactly how you want your customers to think of you.

To achieve this, we recommend our printed logo mats, which are our premium range of flooring that can have most images, logos and text imprinted on them. This type of logo door mat will look prominent for your internal entrance due to the premium look of the materials; therefore, they are a lasting investment piece. Some of our clients have placed these in not only entrances, but lobbies and reception areas. To cater to the outside, we would suggest the usage of our rubberised or brush mats which too are created to your specifications and company logo’s.

Of course, all our logo mats for business are made to order and cut specifically to your doorway entrances. However, as a side note any custom-made logo mat you order will need to allow enough room for at least one rotation of a wheelchair wheel.

Custom Logo Mat


A bespoke logo matt is not only a great first impression piece, but also a secondary advertising source for your company and advertising efforts. By placing your company logo, on this prime footing you ensure your brand and awareness is optimised and increased. Customers and clients will see this, as the first thing they notice when entering and the last when leaving. By doing this, it ensures a continuity and visibility of the brand. As well as this, it shows you have paid attention to the finer details and have a brand continuation throughout your premises. For the eagled eyed professionals, they will appreciate the coherence and uniformity of internal branding, from uniforms, too stationery and even the flooring. Logo entrance mats are therefore a highly worthwhile advertising expense.

As mentioned previously to preserve the longevity of your logo mats investment- we highly suggest implementing our outdoor brush or rubberised mats for outdoor usage, as these are made from much stronger materials and will ware better with high foot falls. In using bespoke brush logo matting outside – it will ensure that the branding does not fade away from your custom logo mat, thus protecting your imprinted brand image.

Custom Logo Mat


It’s important to also remember that companies every year are sued for injuries because of slips, trips, and falls, so its fundamental to minimise the risk and chances of this happening to you. Since floor mats are vital to both internal and external customers- it’s vital to choose the most sturdy and appropriate materials to be proactive about this. With this, if purchasing a flooring mat- and spending a little extra on a custom logo flooring mat, it yields multiple advantages that are not only from a safety perspective.


Browse our extensive selection of Custom Logo Mats, and if you discover something that’s right for your home, visit our contact us page and our knowledgeable staff will be pleased to assist you in customising the floor mat to meet your exact needs.