19-Apr-21 | Industry News

Ideal Floor Mat Solutions for Reopening Businesses

Outdoor Mats for Outdoor Drinking

Over the past 12 months or so, it is safe to say everyone has missed the simple things in life. The excitement up and down the country to be able to return to the places we love has never been greater. At Mats Nationwide, we can’t wait to support those business looking to welcome both new and returning customers to their premises, with stylish and effective logo mats or entrance mats.

Back to Business

As restrictions ease, life is slowly but surely returning to normality and part of this process is the return of the high street, local pubs, gyms, leisure centres, golf courses and more. With queuing likely and social distancing rules still in place, many businesses are looking for informational floor mats to instruct customers of queuing systems, enforce social distancing and provide an opportunity for advertising or branding.

Outdoor Logo Mats for Eating and Drinking Areas

Professional, durable and eye-catching, outdoor logo mats deliver it all. With eating and drinking currently restricted to outside areas, outdoor logo mats are a great way to make outside spaces more enticing and to get your branding across.

Aside from helping to reduce slip hazards in beer gardens or other outdoor areas, outdoor mats provide a protective layer and allow you to reinforce any key social distancing or directional messages. They are also useful to create space and provide somewhere to scrape shoes clean for staff moving in and out of the building serving food and drink.

Colourful Coir Entrance Mats

Not everything is currently limited to the outdoors, with gyms and swimming pools back open as well as shops. With free artwork visuals available, you can perfect your design before you place an order and make sure that you have put in place clear guidelines for any customers queuing and waiting to get into a building.

Coir is the perfect entrance mat material for businesses or premises with high footfall. Available in a number of colours and with the option to add a logo, coir mats are super absorbent and hard-wearing. A custom coir mat can transform an entrance, adding a splash of colour to the interior to make guests, visitors or customers feel welcome as they arrive back after months away.

Keeping Areas Clean and Tidy

Keeping indoor premises clean and tidy is key to building confidence this far into a pandemic, with everyone warier of those around them and the facilities they are using. By adding coir mating or any entrance mats will help keep floors tidy and dust-free, thus making visitors feel comfortable.

At Mats Nationwide, we have commercial floor mats suitable for almost any business including hairdressers and beauty parlours who are no doubt fully booked and will be for some time to come! Aside from the retail and service sectors, many organisations will be looking to bring staff back into the office and we are happy to help brighten office entrances with colour mats and provide a large surface area for employees and visitors to clean off their shoes.

Reopening and in need of outdoor mats, logo mats or any type of commercial matting? Please do get in touch!