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How To Order Coir Matting To Fit Into A Mat Well

How to Order Coir Matting to Fit Into a Mat Well

Benefits of Coir Mats

Coir Mats are a heavy duty product, designed to remove tough dirt, grit and dust from shoes to ensure internal floors remain clean.  It is suitable for most entrances and can be either be loose laid or cut and fitted into a mat well.  It has an excellent brushing action that really scrapes shoes clean and remains a best-selling doormat for many UK businesses.

Often referred to as coconut, coco or coya mats, it can either be cut to size or ordered by the metre or roll.  (2m and 1m wide coir are also available for large reception areas).

We have put together nine simple steps to help you fit your new coir matting correctly so that it lasts for years ahead and helps to protect your flooring.

9 Simple Steps on How to Measure and Order Coir Matting to Fit Into a Mat Well

Firstly, make sure you have a piece of paper, pen and tape measure available.

  1. Let’s concentrate on the width of the well to start with.  Take your pen and paper and roughly sketch the shape of your recess.  You then need to measure the right, left and centre widths of the recess, making a note of the dimensions on your sketch.  The reason we take all three measurements is that you will often find that each dimension varies slightly and it’s the longest width you need to use when ordering.
  2. Repeat the same process for the length of your well, again noting all measurements on your paper.
  3. Then take the longest, length and width and jot this down below the sketch, this now gives you the measurement of your mat.
  4. The next step is to measure the depth of the well, again we recommend measuring both the right, centre and left of the recess as you will often find that the depth varies at different points.
  5. Take the shortest depth and again jot this down below the sketch.
  6. Ok, so you have your measurements all noted down.  The reason we use the longest width and length is to ensure that you don’t end up with coir mats that are the wrong size.  In the past customers have often quickly measured just one of the widths or lengths of the well (often the shortest) resulting in a mat that’s too small.  However, for depth, we take the shortest measurement.  Again, if you measure just the one depth of the well and it happens to be the deepest part, you will that the coir will be too deep for the shorter areas of the recess leading to a potential trip hazard?  If the depths do vary, we advise building the deeper areas of the well up with plywood for a flush finish.
  7. We now recommend adding a couple of cms to both the longest width and length measurements noted.  This is to allow for trimming and to ensure a secure fit when placed in the well.
  8. Order your coir mats!
  9. Once your order has arrived you can now cut the mats to the exact size of your well, using a sharp Stanley knife.  The product will not fray as it is backed with a heavy-duty, durable backing to give extra stability and security.

If you don’t feel confident cutting the item yourself contact your local carpet fitter who will be happy to provide you with a quotation.

For any further information, prices or samples of coir mats please contact one of our team on 01565 756152 or email sales@matsnationwide.co.uk 

Coloured Coconut Matting

There is now a fabulous choice of coloured coir matting available as well as the traditional ‘natural’ shade.  Black, green, red, grey, brown, blue are just some of the exciting new colours available, classic black and grey being the more popular shades.

You can also order coir logo mats, branded with your company logo, emblem or message on and personalise to your bespoke specification.

Coloured and logo coir mats are available in 17mm depths, whereas natural is available in 14mm, 17mm, 28mm.

Ordering coir mats to fit into a recess is quite a straight forward process. Simply follow our simple steps for a perfect fit.