29-Jun-21 | Maintenance & Cleaning

How to Clean Coir Mats

How to Clean Coir Mats

Coir floor matting is super absorbent, customisable and has a natural look, which makes it a hugely popular type of entrance mat. However, as with all matting, it does require a good clean from time to time to make sure the performance is up to scratch. As a more eco-friendly option, coir mats are growing in popularity for offices, schools and other business locations to use in their doorways.

Here we have put in some key steps on how to clean a coir doormat.

Dry Coir Mat Cleaning

In the words of Taylor Swift, shake it off! A shake down of the coir mat will remove the vast majority of dust and dirt. This will also give you the chance to give the floor around the mat a good clean and the mat well if it is a recess coir mat. Once most of the dust and dirt has been shaken out, vacuum the mat to hoover up any excess debris.

As a more eco-friendly option, coir mats are growing in popularity for offices, schools and other business locations to use in their doorways, but they are best used in dry conditions where they are more effective and long lasting.

How Do You Clean a Coir Doormat That Has Been Wet?

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During the winter months, coir mats are more likely to suffer with mud, snow, and damp shoes being walked over them. You will need to remove as much of the visible debris as you can. To do so hang the mat up and beat it using a broom handle and this will help release most of the trapped dirt. This can be a dusty job, so make sure you carry it out in an outdoor space. If dirt remains, use water and a stiff brush to clean off any remaining dirt patches before leaving it out to dry naturally.

Coir is a remarkably versatile material with antibacterial and antifungal qualities. It will withstand the stresses of water, salt and heavy footfall, especially if you the time is taken to keep on top of its cleaning.  If the natural fibre is downtrodden, stained or looking tired and you require a new coir mat, then get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.

Can Coir Mats Get Wet?

Coir mats are made of natural fibres and are water resistant, strong and durable. They are however better suited to being used as indoor doormats, with rubber mats a better alternative to sit outside in the bad weather.

Can You Wash a Coir Doormat?

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Only by hand. Using a washing machine to clean a coir doormat is not advisable, as it will damage the mat and likely the washing machine too. Steam cleaning a coir doormat is also not something you should try, as it will damage the coir mat. The tough bristly fibres are better suited to a rough brush to clean off any stains or marks. Steam cleaning a coir doormat is also not advisable.

Getting Stains Out of Coir Matting

To remove stains out of a coir doormat, brush or use a sponge with a small amount of carpet shampoo dissolved in warm water. Avoid saturating the fabric, but repeat the process as many times as is required to remove the stain.

Preventing Coir Mat from Shedding

Coir doormats provide a natural look and an excellent surface to scrape shoes on; however, with the material being natural it is prone to shedding, particularly in the first couple of weeks of use. Higher quality coir mats do not shed as much as lesser quality coir matting and coir fibres may shed from the mat with bristles then spread on to floor areas, making them look a little untidy.

A mat well or recessed coir mat is one such way to help reduce this, as the edges of the mat will be secure and held into place unlike a loose lay coir mat. This will trap the bristles in the area where they be vacuumed. A regular hoover of you coir mat will increase its lifespan and eradicate any shedding issues.

Purchase a Premium Coir Mat

Looking after premium coir mats is straightforward; given the material is natural, long lasting, absorbent, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. The secret is to keep the coir mats fresh by giving them a regular clean and this way it will help protect your floors for years to come.

At Mats Nationwide, we not only stock high quality coir mats, we provide made to measure orders to allow our customers to purchase a custom mat that fit their entrance. Better still, you can even add a logo to add your branding to your entrance areas, or wherever you like in your property.