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How to Choose the Right Indoor Door Mats

Choose Indoor Door Mats

Indoor Mat Size

The key to a successful indoor mat is the size. It needs to fit the appropriate space to sit down flush on the floor and not have any folds that could be a potential trip hazard and damage the mat. Not only this it needs to be a sufficient size so that visitors who walk over your indoor matting take enough steps to remove the majority of any moisture off their shoes. Equally, wheelchairs and pushchairs can enter the property with mud or dirt on the wheels so the indoor mat needs to allow enough room for at least a full turn.

For public buildings or other large commercial spaces, custom indoor mats may be required to fit the desired space, a service that we are happy to deliver.

Get the Height Right for Your Indoor Mat

Next up is the depth or height of the indoor mat.

As well as allowing enough room for a full turn of wheelchair or pushchair wheel, indoor mats, especially in entranceways, should not impede or hinder any users. We do offer fitted mat well mats for indoors that eradicate this problem as they sit level with the floor, but many of our indoor mat range have a sloped rubber border to allow easy access. A slightly thicker indoor doormat will provide better performance in terms of soaking up moisture, but if you have any concerns about the getting the height right, speak to our team who will be able to assist.

Durable Indoor Mat Materials

While indoor mats don’t receive as much bad weather as outdoor ones they are often fitted in places where footfall levels are high and so they need to be made of durable material in order to stand the test of time. Offices, schools, supermarkets and airports all use indoor mats to reduce the risk of slippery floors but these are all locations that are hugely busy so think carefully about picking a hard wearing indoor mat. Heavy duty and water trap mats make great indoor entrance mats for busy areas.

Non Slip Indoor Mats

Indoor floors can be shiny and hazardous when wet, so indoor mats can offer a great deal of protection. There are two types of backing used to make indoor mats stay in place and not slide around – rubber backing or synthetics such as PVC, Nylon or Vinyl. Rubber backed indoor mats can be a little more pricey but they are heavier and do not move around at all with this additional weight holding the mat in place.

Keeping Your Door Mats Clean

While rubber mats left outside can be hosed down from time to time, indoor mats can be a little trickier to keep clean. However, for them to be effective they should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the spread of any dirt or grime. A regular clean will help them soak up more moisture when the weather turns. Most of our indoor mat range can be hoovered to remove most of the dirt and are durable enough to withstand a deep clean too.

Indoor logo mats

Indoor Logo Mats

A large indoor mat is a prime piece of real estate so why not make the most of the space to display your brand or add a splash of colour to your indoor area. At Mats Nationwide, we can provide you with a free design that you can adjust before we go to manufacture in order to be positive that you are happy with the look of your indoor logo mats.

Indoor mats in leisure centres, hotels, cinemas are the perfect place to give guests a welcome as they set foot inside your building.

Purchasing Indoor Mats From Mats Nationwide

When purchasing indoor mats, you should consult the experts. We have over 30 years’ experience delivering expert advice and quality indoor doormats to a number of industries and large organisations. All of our indoor mats come with FREE UK delivery, a 12 month guarantee and we can also arrange for international delivery if required.