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Custom Door Mats – Personalised To Suit Your Needs

Mat Well Mats

With such a wide selection of customised doormats to choose from, we’ve put together the three bestsellers, each boasting customisable features such as choice of colour, size, depth, design and even shape!  What’s better is that each of the rugs is heavy duty, non slip and suitable for both commercial, business and home use.

Free artwork and UK delivery are also available on all custom and personalised floor mats purchased from Mats Nationwide.

Custom Printed Mats

Custom Printed log mats
The custom printed floor mat is a personalised indoor mat can be tailor made with your logo, design or emblem on, or simply order in a plain colour choosing from the thirty vibrant shades available in the range.  Pantone colour matching is also available for businesses that have strict brand guidelines that need to be adhered to.  The option of HD printing is also available for designs with finer details and shading.

Order in made to measure sizes between 200cm and 550cm or choose from the standard sizes available. What’s great about this product is that it can also be custom made into circular/round shapes or cut to the bespoke size of your recessed mat well.

For fitted custom mats, the rubber border is emitted and extra is added to both the length and width.  A thicker rubber backing is also applied for extra stability when placed in the recess.  Trimming on-site is advisable to ensure a flush finish with the floor.

These mats are particularly popular with schools, shops, public buildings, bars and restaurants.

Customisable Features

  • Any design, logo, welcome message or text printed
  • Order as a plain coloured mat, choosing from the 30 colours available
  • Made to measure sizes between 200cm x 550cm
  • Cut to any shape
  • Cut to fit into a recessed mat well

Personalised Coir Doormats

Personalised Coir logo mats
Often referred to as coco rugs, coconut floor mats, coco mat, or Koir mat, coir logo matting is still one of the more traditional types of bespoke matting on the market for internal use, but still extremely popular.

This premium heavy duty product comes in nine classic colours, natural, black, grey, blue, green, bleach, red, russet and brown but can also be personalized with your logo, emblem or decorative text message on to create the perfect welcome!

Order in made to measure sizes between 200cm x 1200cm or alternatively order as a roll or by the meter for large floor spaces.  It can also be cut to bespoke shaped entrance areas if detailed drawings and measurements are sent through.

Coir mats are available in a range of personalised depths; coloured and logo mats are both available 17mm deep.  Natural 14mm, 17mm or 28mm deep.

Use as a loose lay mat or cut to size for use in a mat well.  As above for recessed mats, extra measurements are added to both the length and width to ensure a secure fitting on site.

Popular with the educational sector, hotels and public buildings.

Customisable Features

  • Any design, logo, welcome message or text message cut and inserted into the coco backing
  • Order as a plain coloured mat, choosing from 9 classic shades
  • Made to measure sizes between 200cm x 1200cm
  • Choice of depths
  • Cut to bespoke shapes
  • Tailor-made for mat recess

Brush Matting

A similar product to coir, but with a slightly softer feel is our range of brush matting.  This bright, colourful matting is manufactured from a hard wearing polypropylene fibre and is an ideal barrier mat for both indoor and external use.

Choose from eight classic colours and order as plain coloured matting or personalise with your business logo, text message or emblem on.

Order in made to measure sizes between 360cm and 800cm or by the metre or roll for larger doorways.

This product is only made in one depth which is 14mm but can be made as a recessed entrance mat or loose laid.

Popular for outdoor use in car showrooms, schools, shops, restaurants and hotels.

Customisable Features

  • Any design, logo, welcome message or text cut and inserted in the backing colour of your choice
  • Order as a plain coloured mat and choosing from 8 classic shades
  • Bespoke sizes between 360cm x 800cm
  • Cut to fit the size of your mat well

For further information, prices and samples contact Matt the matman on 01565 756 152 or email sales@matsnationwide.co.uk