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Benefits of Coir Entrance Matting

Benefits of Coir Mats

Absorbent Coir Doormats

If you are looking to capture moisture from outside and prevent it from finding its way into your building on the bottom of shoes then coir doormats can go a long way in helping. Suitable for your home, office or areas with large volumes of footfall such as a school, coir matting will help you safeguard your flooring. The strong fibres are naturally absorbent and the coarse nature of the material makes coir entrance mats perfect for scrapping off moisture, mud and dirt from shoes.

Hard Wearing Entrance Mats

All of our coir matting is backed with hardwearing PVC to ensure the mat remains stable and holds its shape. Available in a variety of thicknesses, consult our team of experts about where you want to use your coir doormats and they can advise on which length to go for. Coir mats suit entranceways due to the fact visitors can scrape off any muck from their shoes and the moisture will be absorbed and held ensuring the wet does not soak through to your floors, keeping them dry, clean and tidy.

Made to Measure Coir Matting

Another benefit of coir matting is that it can be cut to the perfect size to fit your doorway or mat well entrance. We cut the coir mat to your requirements and should you need to make additional adjustments, it is simple to do so. Trim the coir mat down with a sharp Stanley knife for an easy fit. If you are looking for entrance mats that are suited to an awkward area, our completely custom sizes are perfect.

Coir Entrance log mats

Choose a Colour or Add a Logo to Your Coir Entrance Mats

Coir doormats available to purchase from Mats Nationwide come in a range of colours aside from the natural look. Choose from bleach, red, russet, blue, black, brown, green and grey or if you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests, why not add your own branding or logo to a coir entrance mat? We can provide free visuals so that you can walk away with the perfect product for your property.

Did you know?

Our coir mats have the graphic or logo of your choice engrained into the coir fibres, rather than just printed on the surface meaning the image will remain crisp for years to come.

Coir log mats

Natural and Recyclable Entrance Mats

Coir is a product made from coconut meaning the material is natural and eco-friendly. It is worth choosing a superior coir material in order to get years of wear out of your matting. Coir matting does shed initially when first installed, but this soon stops and a regular vacuum will ensure its looks neat and tidy at your entrance points.

Why Choose Mats Nationwide as Your Coir Matting Supplier?

Our coir mats are one of our bestselling entrance matting products. Easy to cut to size, great value for money and effective for scraping – natural coir matting option also comes with FREE UK delivery.

Mats Nationwide is a leading supplier of quality coir entrance mats and supply thousands of schools, offices, shops and blue-chip organisations throughout the UK. So if you are looking for durable coir matting, why not get in touch?