8-Nov-19 | Tips & Tricks

Winter Ready Heavy Duty Door Mats to Protect Your Floors

Heavy Duty Door Mats

Prepare your property for all the festive fun by ensuring that your employees, guests or visitors are able to wipe off their feet at the entrance and reduce the amount of cleaning required. Ensure that your internal floors remain safe and dry by using heavy-duty entrance matting that will stand up to the test this winter.

Benefits of Heavy Duty Door Mats

Should you be thinking of preparing your building for the winter months, outdoor heavy duty floor mats will offer you a number of benefits:

  • Designed to scrape dirt, dust, grit and salt from outside off the soles of shoes
  • Can be deployed inside or outside as barrier mats are available in a number of materials
  • Capable of absorbing and retaining moisture
  • Non-slip border and backing to prevent movement of the mat
  • Easy to clean ready to be used throughout the year

We stock a large range of outdoor heavy duty door mats in a variety of colours, sizes and finishes so that you can find the perfect mat for your property.

Eye Catching and Practical Commercial Matting

Commercial matting can serve a number of purposes. Throughout the winter, people are likely to head to indoor locations such as bars, pubs, cinemas and other leisure facilities to avoid the harsh weather outside and to warm up. Outdoor rubber scraper logo mats can make a great first impression outside of your property and feature a welcome message or branding to give a professional look ready to welcome your visitors.

Printed floor mats or coir logo mats are also great options for those on the lookout for commercial matting and can sit inside your property as a secondary barrier for people to dry off their shoes and reduce the amount of time and effort needed to clean your floors.

At Mats Nationwide, we supply a wide number of commercial clients who require bespoke and durable matting such as:

  • Leisure facilities
  • Bars, pubs and clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Retails stores
  • Hotels

Frontdoor Mats

The highlight for many of us during the winter months is Christmas. At this time of year, retail locations, as well as bars and restaurants, experience huge levels of footfall as customers head out to purchase presents and celebrate the end of the year.

It can be a testing time for your floors, so to prevent any slips or falls and to keep your property clean, making use of front door mats will minimise the mess. Large doormats used at your entrance points will absorb the majority of moisture from not only shoes but the wheels of shopping trollies, pull along baskets, pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Of course, there is also the small matter of helping out Father Christmas when he comes to visit and your front door mat will need to help him clean off his snowy boots!

UK Floor Mat Specialists Mats Nationwide

Should you need some expert advice about which heavy duty mats are going to work best for your building, or you require some professional logo mats made to order and that fit perfectly at your property then give us a call or drop us an email. We are the UK’s floor mat specialist, having dealt with requests from clients from a wide range of industries, and helped them come up with solutions to ensure they protect their floors throughout all the seasons.