2-Nov-17 | Tips & Tricks

Winter Floor Safety Mats

Winter Floor Mats

With forecasters predicting snow warnings throughout the Winter months, it’s vital to start considering winter floor safety within your business early

According to reports changes in the jet stream combined with a “Sinking Polar Vortex” are about to unleash winter hell across the UK. Blistering cold conditions threaten to grip swathes of the country through Christmas and into the start of next year.

This makes now an ideal opportunity to investigate your current mat system and invest or replace current mats with heavy-duty, durable matting designed for professional, commercial or industrial use.

Entrance Mats for the Cold Wet Winter Months

First, you need to evaluate your current entrance mat set up for entry areas.

  1. Do you have both external and internal matting in place to ensure maximum moisture, dirt and dust removal? If not, it’s vital to implement this dual mat system for maximum dirt trapping. It is a recognised fact that 70-80% of interior soiling enters buildings via foot traffic. Dual entrance matting systems dramatically reduce this by stopping dirt at the door – in fact one square metre of matting can hold up to half a litre of excess moisture or remove half a kilo of dirt in a week, significantly deducing cleaning costs and maintenance costs and preventing slip hazards.
  2. Are your current mats the correct size for your entrance area and can they cope with the foot traffic coming through your building daily? It takes several footfalls with each foot to effectively dry someone’s shoes and so an indicator that the wrong size of mat(s) are in place, is if you have wet footprints beyond the matting. We recommend that no less than 5 linear meters of matting is required to remove dirt and moisture effectively, allowing each foot to make contact at least 4 times with the mat. These 5 meters of matting can be made up of both outdoor and indoor mats discussed in point 1.
  3. Can your current mats cope with heavy pushchairs, mobility vehicles, wheelchairs and shopping trolleys being wheeled over them? If your mats ‘creep’ and edges curl up, as a result, this suggests your mats need replacing with a more heavy duty product designed for commercial/industrial use. Mats that creep and curl act as a potential health and safety risk and should be removed immediately to avoid any injury.
  4. Finally, you need to consider which external and internal mats are best suited for your business environment. The below two products are great ‘all round’ mats, popular with many sectors ranging from schools, offices, retail, hospitals and hotels. Each product can be custom made with or without your business logo.

External Matting

For outdoors we recommend best-selling ‘Outdoor Rubber Scraper Mats‘. A great multi-purpose mat, ideal for outdoor entrances with medium to heavy foot traffic. This non-slip, high traction all weather floor mat removes tough dirt, grit and debris outdoors prior to entering your commercial premises. Designed to withstand demanding conditions such as hail, snow and heavy winds, you can be sure this mat won’t let you down over the coming winter months.

Available in a range of standard and runner sizes, with or without your company logo. Manufactured from 100% nitrile rubber.

For additional external mats check out the Mats Nationwide outdoor mats.

Indoor Matting

Industry’s leading ‘Multi-Purpose Entrance Mat‘ is the mat for all seasons and comes into its own during the winter months as excess moisture, snow and grit is walked into buildings. Super absorbent, this product is designed to trap heavy dirt and dust in its tracks. This barrier mat is also fully washable, so easy to keep clean and maintain. The heavy duty, bevelled rubber border ensures the product stays firmly on the ground always and allows easy access for prams, trolleys and wheelchairs.

Available in standard, runner and bespoke custom sizes large, small and round/circular, with or without branded logo.

For additional internal mats check out all of our indoor mat range.