7-Jul-20 | Tips & Tricks

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Entrance Mats?

Benefits of Commercial Doormats

Keep Environments Clean With Commercial Matting at Entrances

The first benefit of commercial entrance mats is that when positioned in areas where there is large volumes of traffic, they capture the muck and dirt off the bottom of the shoes. Commercial matting is available in a multitude of materials and will stop the spread of dirt and moisture brought into the building by employees, customers, pupils or any visitor entering the building.

For business owners and site managers, keeping offices, schools, shops, and places of worship clean and appearing well looked after is now more important than ever before. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, cleanliness and hygiene have never been under such a spotlight.

Commercial entrance mats are available from Mats Nationwide with logos, custom branding or messaging to give out social distance instructions or directions, but equally as important, they will keep your property looking smart, clean and well maintained to help build and maintain trust with staff or customers.

Smarten up Outside Entrances

Rubber commercial entrance mats are superb for standing up to testing outdoor conditions all year round and the material makes for a great scraper too. Providing a surface at the threshold for visitors to wipe off the water from their shoes makes a property more inviting and helps to reduce the risk of people slipping once inside, especially when paired with indoor commercial matting.

Reduce Maintenance Costs With Indoor Commercial Entrance Mats

A commercial entrance mat specialist such as Mats Nationwide will have a variety of options available and will make finding the right entrance mat, at a competitive price easy. Absorbent commercial indoor mats will prevent slippery floors, can be recessed into the floor or even be customised with a greeting or logo.

Office entrance mats or school entrance mats are hugely popular as they reduce cleaning costs and the spread of the dust in the atmosphere. This is especially important in commercial locations, which are selling food and drink, are healthcare facilities, or are where vulnerable younger and older people are likely to visit such as schools or churches.

Choose a Bespoke Commercial Entrance Mat Solution

Commercial entrances mats need to be long lasting and a perfect fit to make the investment worthwhile. At Mats Nationwide, our most popular products are custom mats where the customer is able to choose a mat that aligns with their exact requirements. Some considerations when choosing a commercial mat for an entrance include:


The commercial mats chosen will need to allow enough room for at least one rotation of a wheelchair wheel, and the larger the mat, the more dirt and grime is prevented from spreading. There should be no damp patches by the time passers-by have walked over your commercial matting system. Large commercial mats are available at Mats Nationwide, just let us know the measurements and place an order.


Where is the commercial mat going to be positioned? Outside mats should be rubber to allow the water to drain away while the mat remains an effective scraper. Indoor mats on the other hand need to be absorbent ready to protect the floor of the school, office, shop or any other location.


Commercial mats are made from durable materials in order to be effective for a long period, under the strain of dealing with large volumes of footfall. Rubber mats and rubber backed commercial mats last longer as they don’t fold at the corners, offer a non-slip solution and are stain resistant. Commercial mats also withstand a rigorous clean from time to time, as you will want to look clean and fresh to represent your brand.

How to Order a Commercial Entrance Mat From Mats Nationwide

We have a huge selection of mats suitable for any commercial building, available in hundreds of colours. If you have any doubts about adding a logo, social distancing information, the best materials or anything else, give our team of experts a call or drop us an email.

Follow our three steps to a new commercial mat for your property –

  1. Simply fill in our quick enquiry form for your free quote.
  2. For commercial logo mats, a free visual will be emailed to you for approval (no obligation to order). Artwork can be changed free of charge until you are happy with the final design.
  3. Order is approved, constructed and delivered.

With a 12-month guarantee, free UK delivery, international delivery options available and over 30 years’ experience in commercial matting, you are in the right place to find the perfect entrance mat solution.