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Our Top 5 Outdoor Door Mats

Top 5 Outdoor Doormats

At Mats Nationwide, we understand the importance of getting your choice of outdoor doormat spot on. After all, doormats go a long way to helping to reduce slip risk, prevent the spread of mud and moisture and help to keep indoor areas clean.

Not only this, rubber matting and outdoor mats, in general, aren’t the cheapest to buy due to their resistant and hard-wearing nature. Here we have collected up our top outdoor entrance mats to help you find the perfect product with ease.

1. Rubber Scraper Doormat

If you are looking for effective dirt scraper to deploy as a front door mat for outdoors, the rubber scraper mat is an excellent choice. Used at the entrance point of a building, the rubber scraper is made of 100% nitrile rubber and features a non-slip border and backing. In even the foulest weather conditions, the rubber scraper won’t crack or curl, and instead will offer a surface for visitors to scrape off moisture and dirt from boots and shoes.

Resistant to oil, grease and salt, even when the gritters have been out, this rubber doormat will last for years to come as a barrier to protect your property.

View our Outdoor Rubber Scraper Mat

2. Outdoor Dirt Trapper Mats 

Absorbent door mats help look after flooring at entrances, and the outdoor dirt trapper does exactly this, holding up to 4.5 litres of water per square meter. At Mats Nationwide, one of our top-selling outdoor mats is the dirt trapper, as it is affordable and can do an effective job at entrances and exits in schools, offices, hotels and more.

Made with a polypropylene surface, the outdoor dirt trapper is available in a number of colours to suit any decor you have, and better still is rot proof so even when it is up against the elements, it won’t let you down. Charcoal is popular colourway, hiding the dirt trapped within the mat very well, and the outdoor dirt trapper is washable, as you can use a carpet cleaner or vacuum to maintain it and keep it in great condition for optimum performance.

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3. Outdoor Rubber Logo Mats 

Heavy duty rubber floor mats are great for outdoor use, but better still when you buy from Mats Nationwide, it is possible to put a message, company logo or branding on the outdoor rubber logo mat. This provides organisations with a durable mat that collects debris, but at the same time gives them additional real estate to reinforce their corporate colours and brand.

The unique moulded cleats scrape off muck and dirt from shoes and this still allows the logo or message to be visible. If you want to make a great first impression and give off a professional image, please do get in touch about our rubber logo outdoor doormats.

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4. Outdoor Honeycomb Rubber Mats

Everyone loves honeycomb, right? So do we, especially honeycomb outdoor rubber mats! It might not be as tasty as a Crunchie but it will certainly last much longer. The unique honeycomb design allows for excellent drainage in adverse weather and the anti-trip bevels and anti-slip underside make this outdoor door mat well worth the investment.

Honeycomb matting is washable too, with a hose or pressure washer the perfect tool to keep the mat in great condition. It is also a simple case of occasionally lifting and moving the mat and sweeping up the collected debris to keep entrances and exits looking inviting for visitors.

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5. Outdoor Brush Logo Mat

Rubber entrance mats don’t come any better than the outdoor brush logo mat. Colourful and heavy-duty, this mat works equally as indoor mat as it does out. This entrance matting is constructed with a hard-wearing looped pile to help remove dirt, dust and grit, but at the same time allows businesses to put their branding on show and welcome those entering the property.

It is possible to stop the spread of footprints without compromising on style, as you can upload your artwork and choose a custom size to really make this mat work for you. With a crush-proof ribbed texture, the outdoor brush logo mat is top of the league when it comes to outdoor mats.

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Want to Find Out Where to Buy an Outdoor Doormat?

Purchasing an outdoor doormat has never been more simple. Follow our simple ordering process and enjoy FREE UK delivery. You don’t even need to leave your seat. We also offer international delivery to customer on the look out for outdoor door mats at reasonable prices.

If you want to add a custom logo to your mat, upload the artwork via our shiny new website and we will provide a free design for you to review. Likewise, if you have a specific size in mind, many of our doormats are customisable so that you can buy an outdoor doormat that fits perfectly.

How to Clean an Outdoor Door Mat

The size of the doormat, the material it is constructed with and its backing will affect how best to clean it. Rubber mats can be hosed down or pressure washed, while mats such as the dirt trapper simply require a regular vacuum. Many of our doormats are stain proof and built to last outside, even in wet and muddy conditions, so they are easy to keep clean.

Why not browse our outside door mats and find a mat that will help cut your cleaning costs and keep staff and visitors safe in the workplace?