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Mats for Airlines, Airports and Private Jets

Airport Mats

As an industry-leading provider of mats for commercial spaces, at Mats Nationwide we have worked with major airlines, private jet companies and airports to give them the quality on-brand mats they desire. For instance, we have produced high-grade branded made-to-measure mats for British Airways. We supply mats with various functions in mind, from mats for specific airline events to check-in desk mats for airports.

Aeroplane Welcome Mats

With our custom non-slip mats, we help create professional and extra special welcomes for passengers. Our customised logo mats work perfectly when placed at the bottom of an aeroplane’s steps as they can feature a welcome message and offer that extra element of class and comfort for those leaving an aeroplane.

Mats for Champions

When working with British Airways, we had the opportunity to produce mats for the British Olympic team to walk off the plane onto with ‘Welcome Home GB’ printed on them. They made quite the impression with their personalised message and stunning quality, offering a first-class feel fit for the Olympic team.

It is easy to overlook the impression a quality mat can give, as although plain and tattered mats can have quite the lacklustre impact, brightly coloured, pristine, durable, well-made and appropriately branded mats can really impress!

Liza Ravenscroft from British Airways was incredibly happy with our service:

“Extremely quick turnaround and helpful approach. Nothing was ever a problem. Thank you so much”.

First-Class Mats for Private Jets

For charter and private airlines, welcome mats offer a sense of exclusivity, and can even come in the form of a runner to achieve that red carpet look. Whether the carpet is rolled out to welcome passengers on board or is used for passengers to exit onto from the plane, by using our tailor-made mats, you can offer a personal touch that is sure to make passengers feel valued and well looked after.

These mats don’t have to be saved for special occasions to keep them looking good, they are machine washable and carpet cleaner safe, and our mats with nitrile rubber backings are incredibly durable and do not crack or chip.

Branded Airport Mats

Mats can also be used as markers to signpost locations around an airport – for example, the check-in desk. Navigating an airport can be quite the challenge, so where possible it is important that each airline is easily identifiable through branded signs and furnishings. Our mats can be customised to depict any logo or text, and our Pantone colour match service means that we can perfectly match brand colours.

Our made-to-measure mats can be customised with non-slip nitrile rubber backings and borders to ensure they don’t slide around and cause harm to people walking over them. The staying power of the mats also means that they can be more effectively used for signposting as they will stay in place.

For example, one of our runner mats could be positioned in the designated area for passengers to queue for check-in to make it clear where they should stand and wait. Adding a logo or text could also help reassure people that they are in the correct place.

Get in Touch

We make state of the art mats for any business, home or function, and whether you want mats for an airport or a restaurant, all you have to do is let us know your requirements. To find out more about prices, design options, and shipping times, please email sales@matsnationwide.co.uk, or call 01565 756152 today.