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Make an Impression with Welcome Mats

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What Are Welcome Mats

From humble beginnings to now being an integral part of your marketing, welcome mats are more important than ever in establishing a first impression on prospects. By having a welcoming door mat at your front entrance, you can immediately set the tone for your customers and clients. In setting this tone, you can immediately impress your prospects with your professionalism and creativity, as well as reinforce your brand image. At Mats Nationwide we offer a large selection of standard and custom-made door mats that can be made from a range of materials such as rubber, coir, or anti-slip technology, that can be all customised to any specific branding or sizing requirements.

Throughout this article, we will explain why purchasing a welcome door mat is not only a clever business move in terms of showcasing your brand ethos and personality, but also a clever way of maximising advertising budgets to impress your potential customers.

 Make Good impressions With Welcome Mats

As we mentioned above, welcome mats can set the tone for your business and help reinforce your brand personality. This is especially true in sectors such as hospitality, the private sector, and general large multinational corporations. As many businesses spend thousands (or even millions) on the interior design of establishments, it is important to acknowledge the finer details of advertising and display. These details are argued to make the biggest impact on the customer’s overall experience with your brand, your business, and its people (Eprints.ac.uk, 2017).

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Importance of Visual Branding

As branding and advertising are a primary influence on customers, it is important to place and associate your brand and brand image as much as possible. By emphasising your visual appearance and brand identity, you are also increasing the awareness of your business, for example, if a passer-by notices your branded doormat in your entranceway, then you’ve made a new potential customer aware of your brand’s existence. By embedding your company logo or colours onto a custom-made welcome mat you are also communicating your brand identity straight away, establishing an instant connection.

Reinforcing that emotional connection can even assist in encouraging certain feelings and associations in your customers. If you communicate warmth through certain colours and messaging, for example, it can assist in creating additional sales as the customer feels respected and valued (Researchgate.net, 2000). This can ultimately help in creating a domino effect as if the new customer has experienced a memorable visit they can act as advocates of your brand via word of mouth or on social media.

Custom Welcome Mats

Here at Mats Nationwide, our team of designers can create and manufacture both colorful and eye-catching door mats that can have a range of images, texts and logos printed on them to showcase your brand and its personality. For organizations such as kids’ play parks and play centres who are looking to display a creative welcome mat aesthetic, we would recommend our range of printed door mats. This type of door mat is manufactured to a high-performance level to withstand high traffic, which is ideal for children. Opting for this specific type of door mat with your company logo or company colours printed on it can even lean into colour psychology and maximise the feelings of excitement with certain colours (Actioncleanup.com).

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Professional Welcome Mats

On the other hand, if your organization is going for a less colorful, more clean-cut professional look, then we highly suggest our range of coir mats that can be embedded with logos, texts and emblems. By opting for a welcome mat made from this material you can be sure to impress your clients or prospects, as this is from our premium range of door mats as it is manufactured from 100% natural coir fibres.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it – by simply adding a bespoke door mat to the entrance of your business, you can really make an impression on your customers. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, reaffirming brand values, creating an exciting customer experience, or adding a professional finishing touch, adding the right door mat to your business’ interior scheme can make a world of difference

Be sure to browse our range of logo mats for inspiration on how Mats Nationwide can help your business strike that all-important good first impression!