3-Aug-21 | Industry News

Choosing Commerical Door Mats For Your Business

The design and layout of any business require attention to detail to maximise the customer experience and commercial outcomes. For example, IKEA stores across the world are laid out in a maze so that customers are more likely to spend more time and money at their business. Your business similarly requires creative solutions to get the recognition it deserves! So why not show off your company with our custom commercial door mats?

Rebranding the office with commercial entrance mats

Creating a cohesive image through branding, logos, and a consistent colour scheme is vital in leaving customers with a lasting impression of your business. This can be done in various ways; however, a commercial entrance mat is a brilliant way of contributing to the professionalism and consistency of your business. Why not use unutilised space on the floor to reinforce brand awareness?

Our commercial entrance mats also protect your floors and help you save on cleaning costs! When you purchase a custom floor mat, there is inevitably an extensive range of options to choose from, so we have put together some essential factors to consider to guide you in your purchase.

This is the comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect personalised floor mat for your business. We’ve thought of all the details, so you don’t have to!

Consideration 1: Outside or inside door mats?

Whether your store is located on a main road or in an obscured lane, an outdoor commercial entrance mat can help attract attention, either guiding customers to your location or piquing pedestrian interest. An outdoor commercial entrance mat can assist customers in locating your business in a hard to find location, or an intriguing entrance mat on the threshold of your store can help convert pedestrians into customers.

Should you want to make the location of your store apparent with an outdoor mat, consider the size and colouring of your custom floor mat. A large and colourful mat may be ideal in attracting interest, while a more modestly sized mat could tastefully point out the location of your store. Mats Nationwide offer mats ranging in size from the standard floor mat size of 50x75cm up to an extra-large 2×7 meters and can accommodate any custom design and colouring.

Outdoor Commercial Entrance Matting Materials

Your outdoor mat will also need to be weatherproof. We offer multiple options for weather-resistant custom commercial mats, including our heavy-duty Brush Logo Mat (which can double up as an indoor mat for a change of scenery!) and our Outdoor Rubber Logo Mats. Our outdoor range of custom commercial mats are designed to withstand poor weather, dirty footprints, and being crushed over time. Our mats will welcome your customers rain or shine!

Commercial Matting

Indoor Commercial Entrance Mats

Indoor custom commercial mats can also be highly effective in creating a professional environment and reinforcing brand awareness. Your commercial doormats may be the first thing customers see when they come into the store, so a branded mat is a great first line of defence in making good first impressions on customers! The size, colouring and design of these commercial entrance mats are fully customisable to adhere to your branding guidelines.

Consideration 2: Design and sizing

Large floor mats and sizable logos are great for attracting attention, while smaller floor mats and smaller logos are great for subtly creating a professional atmosphere. Consider the personality of your brand. Are you more playful and casual or more traditional and professional? The placement, design and size of your customisable commercial logo mat can help to enhance your business’ unique attributes and communicate this to customers. A boutique homeware shop may have a minimalist floor mat design to promote luxury and simplicity, while a children’s pottery workshop may have a large colourful design to communicate playfulness!

In any case, your floor mat design, size, and colouring can enhance brand identity by being created with your individual business’ attributes in mind. We offer free artwork visuals so that you can perfect your design before it is finalised, ensuring you get the exact product you want!

Consideration 3: Commercial Mat Materials

Consider the climate and location of your business to choose the suitable material for your commercial floor mats. Is your business by the beach, where sand and pebbles can be tracked in? You may want to select a floor mat that can trap this debris, such as our Coir mat, designed to brush tough dirt and grit from the bottoms of shoes, or our Outdoor Brush logo mat, whose heavy pile is designed to keep debris out.

Are you near a park and mud gets tracked in on a rainy day? Our Outdoor Brush Logo Mats are perfect for trapping dirt and moisture and are easily washable. Alternatively, our waterproof Rubber Outdoor Logo Mats scrape heavy dirt from shoes with their specially moulded cleats.

Perhaps your business is a beer garden, and your customers need all the traction they can get! Our non-slip Outdoor Rubber Logo Mat or our Outdoor Brush Logo Mat may be a perfect solution to slippery floors and clumsy customers! These durable mats double up as a way to keep dirt and debris from your business as staff bustle in and out.


There are several factors to consider to maximise the branding effectiveness of your custom commercial floor mats. Follow this guide, and you’ll be on your way to owning a floor mat that does not just welcome customers or keep your floors clean, but creatively enhances the aims of your business.

To summarise, considering the goal you want to achieve with your commercial door mats can assist you in deciding the indoor/outdoor placement of your mat; an outdoor floor mat can draw attention, and an indoor floor mat can welcome customers. Secondly, your brand’s personality can be enhanced and reinforced by the design, colouring, and size of your custom floor mat. Finally, the location and climate of your store can factor into the materials you choose to create your custom mat out of.

This seems like a lot of considerations, but our experts at Mats Nationwide are here to help! Our team is committed to working with you to help perfect your ideal floor mat. Our design experts provide free mockups of your custom commercial door mats before the product is finalised, giving you opportunities to optimise your floor mat. We can also offer further counsel on appropriate materials and floor mat sizing.

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