13-Jan-20 | Tips & Tricks

How Office Floor Mats Can Help Your Workspace Remain Clean

Office Floor Mats

Large Office Floor Mats Capture Mess

Messy or slippery office floors are the stuff of nightmares for facilities managers and office workers. Not only do they look rather unsightly, wet or dirty floors are also unsafe and pose a risk that an employee or visitor may slip over and hurt themselves. A large office floor mat used inside the entrance of your office will do the excellent job of capturing any moisture from the soles of shoes and prevent mess spreading throughout the office. Stopping the dirt and grime at the source will ensure that your workplace remains a clean and more pleasant space to work in.

Obviously large office floor mats provide a greater surface area more likely to capture and absorb more mess than a small mat, and any wheelchairs or pushchairs will have an entire rotation to remove any damp from the outside.

Large Office logo mats

Outdoor Office Floor Mats

Deploying mats just outside of your office is another great way to minimise the damage that large amounts of footfall can do to your internal floors, providing staff and guests with the opportunity to remove most of the water from the bottom of their shoes before they even enter the office. When considering purchasing outdoor office mats consider a material such as rubber that is likely to stand the test of time and last in the wet outdoor conditions. Weatherproof mats purchased from a specialist such as Mats Nationwide will also not fade when exposed to the sunshine in the warmer months.

Outdoor mats look easy on the eye for office visitors and show that you care about your facilities and that you take pride in your appearance, which is a great first impression to make on fellow professionals.

Professional and Personalised Office Floor Mats

Office entrance mats are a fantastic opportunity to reinforce your branding or to provide a welcome message. The likelihood is that you will have customers, clients, investors and other guests come to your offices and so professional, branded matting will make sure they are greeted with a clean and tidy looking entrance.

In addition, it will help maintain a clean and clear office space that is more enjoyable to work in. We have worked with some of the biggest and well-known brands in the UK to deliver them quality matting for their headquarters, regional offices, factories, warehouses and retail locations such as Specsavers and ASDA.

Office Mats For Lord Sugar

Our custom logo mats for offices can even be found at The Sugar Building, as we supply to Amsprop Ltd, Lord Sugar’s privately owned Real Estate vehicle.

Custom doormats are hugely popular with large brands who want to pay close attention to detail in their workspaces, such as Amsprop Ltd. Office mats allow you to add a splash of your brand’s key colours into your reception areas and put a bit more of a stamp on your workspace to help give it some character.

Custom logo mats

Helping the Office Cleaner

Fewer footprints, minimal dirt and less cost. Office managers will soon realise that the cleaners will have a lot less work to do if the correct amount of office matting is used in their property. Cleaners can instead focus on other areas of the building and spend less time at the entrance points cleaning up after the morning rush and the evening exit.

We Are a Reputable Commercial Mat Supplier

As a trusted commercial mat supplier, we have the product portfolio to help you find your perfect office floor mats. We stock a range of sizes, materials and personalisation options in order to supply you with mats to help you keep your carpets clean and fresh, and your hard floors scuff free.

Need help choosing your new office floor mats?

Speak to our helpful team if you have any questions about what matting will suit your office space and we can listen to your requirements, budget, and come up with a solution to help you keep your office space nice and tidy in 2020.