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Helpful Hints and Tips for Choosing an Entrance Mat

Hints and Tips for Choosing an Entrance Mat

Entrance mats not only make a lasting impression on visitors to your premises, but they serve a hugely practical purpose by reducing the amount of dust, dirt and grime brought into your building.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when selecting entrance mats such as safety, protection and cleanliness. Customised entrance mats bespoke to your location are also an opportunity to reinforce your brand and provide a warm welcome.

Safety First

When choosing entrance matting, firstly bear in mind the safety barrier that they need to provide. Reducing the number of slips and falls encountered by visitors and staff is vital.

Absorbent mats will limit the amount of water brought in from the outside on those rainy days, minimising the risk of any accidents.

Outdoor rubber scraperbristle or honeycomb mats provide an accessible surface to protect the entrance of your property as well as being wheel and trolley friendly.

Likewise, outdoor dirt trappers and barrier mats can stand up to the strain of traffic but cause no issues for wheelchairs or pushchairs. It’s also worth remembering, a full wheelchair revolution requires approximately 2.5m to clean off any dirt from the wheels on to an entrance mat.

Safeguarding Your Floors

As well as protecting you and your visitors, entrance mats can shield your floors from damage too.

Consider how much and what type of traffic is coming into your establishment. Retail and healthcare premises should prioritise protection against huge volumes of footfall as should schools, offices and restaurants. These locations will all be handling large amounts of traffic at the entrance, so durable heavy duty mats should be put into action.

Up to 80% of dust, dirt and grime is brought into a building from outside, so choose matting that is going to help reduce this. It will certainly pay off in the long run, reducing cleaning and labour costs, whilst actually protecting the physical floor surface around the entrance of the building.

Heavy Duty logo mats

A Healthier Choice. Hygienic and Washable Mats

Many of us are allergic to some components of dust, so by limiting the amount brought into the building certainly has some health benefits. Pollution and germs carried indoors by shoes and then walked into carpets throughout a building can be problematic, especially for hospitals and healthcare locations.

Consider dirt trapping mats to stop the flow at the source and also pick out mats that can stand up to regular deep cleaning in the interests of hygiene.

Dual Matting for Double Protection

Every entrance is different, so you will need to pick out matting that is right for your needs.

Why not go for a custom dual matting option? The combination of outdoor and indoor mats will ensure that shoes can be scraped clean and dry on the outer mats and then again to a lesser extent once inside.

In tandem, there should be less dirt, muck or grime, being traipsed through by visitors and a reduction in and slips and falls. Custom measured mats will make sure you get entrance mats that work for you and fit both your space and budget.

Dual Matting logo mats

A Warm Welcome Using Custom Logo Mats.

Remember, entrance mats can be one of the very first things people come across when arriving at your building. Printed logo floor mats can showcase your brand, or provide a welcome message as well as act as a durable and absorbent surface for visitors to wipe their feet on.

Consider colour matting to match up with your decor, and think about investing in logo mats that will reinforce your branding. It goes without saying, wheel and trolley friendly mats should be used so that every visitor is granted easy access.


Our tips will help you take into account the various considerations when choosing entrance mats that are both practical and make a great first impression. If you need any advice about which mats are best suited to you, or you require quick delivery of premium matting feel free to get in touch and we can help you find a solution.