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Guide to Ribbed Entrance Mats

Ribbed Mats

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of entrance mats, we advise plenty of customers on the best types of matting to use at their property. Ribbed mats are a fantastic option, with unique channels designed to effectively capture dirt and help reduce the amount of cleaning required.

What are Ribbed Door Mats?

Ribbed doormats are constructed with 100% polypropylene carpet pile in a unique pattern making them excellent at trapping dirt. This makes them a popular choice for entrance areas at offices, retail stores, schools, churches or any location where footfall is high.

Ribbed doormats are backed with 100% vinyl and have non-slip qualities to make sure they remain firmly in place, an important quality for entrance mats.

Advantages of Using Ribbed Entrance Mats

Ribbed entrance carpet helps to reduce the number of accidents, slips and falls because it is super absorbent. The ribbed style entrance mat helps reduce the cleaning bill at offices, in schools, hotels and leisure locations by providing a surface to take the moisture and dirt from the bottom of shoes and keep it trapped until the time comes to clean the ribbed mat.

Ribbed mats are a good investment as the hard wearing qualities mean the mat will be useful for years to come. Ribbed doormats have a high crush resistance and will stand up to the test of heavy footfall. Furthermore, the dark colours available at Mats Nationwide will conceal any stains and dirt marks, making your entrance appear clean and impressive. The ribbed doormats available via our website have bevelled borders to allow for the easy access of pushchairs, wheelchairs, trolleys, suitcases and more.

Ribbed entrance mats are often the choice of property managers and hotel management because they cover a large area and help to reduce entrance noise of heels and shoes, which can be problematic if trying to keep areas quiet for guests or residents. They also offer a smart, professional appearance as well as additional insulation.

Cleaning Ribbed Doormats

Ribbed doormats perform best when they are clean. They will absorb more and trap extra dirt when they are well looked after and help stem the flow of dust, moisture and debris from the outside. Loose lay ribbed entrance mats can be shaken out to remove the vast majority of dirt on them, and then a vacuum will remove the rest of muck and dirt trapped in the ribbed channels. Low maintenance is important for many of our customers, and ribbed entrance mats definitely fall into that category.

Ribbed Entrance Carpet – The Cost Effective Choice

Ribbed entrance mats are economically priced, making them a popular choice for those in the market for effective but affordable floor or entrance mats. However, this doesn’t mean any compromise on quality, with the team at Mats Nationwide happy to offer a two year guarantee on the Budget Ribbed Entrance Mat.

Customers looking for indoor matting that offers good absorbency and dries extremely quickly, without a plush pile will benefit from ribbed doormats and the cost savings on offer. Better still if you are UK based, a ribbed entrance mat will be delivered at no cost within 1-2 working days.

While we are able to offer a number of entrance mats in custom sizes, our ribbed entrance mat is only available in standard sizes, but these range from 60cm x 85cm right up to 120cm x 240cm or 85cm x 300cm. This means we can meet the vast amount of customer requirements. Failing this, we have a number of made to measure matting alternatives available.

Stop the Dirt with Ribbed Door Mat

Protect your floors with the installation of a ribbed doormat at your entrance points and keep your cleaning costs to a minimum. It is achievable to have smart-looking entrance mats without breaking the bank too.

Give us a call today or complete an enquiry form if you have any questions about finding a suitable ribbed entrance mat.