12-Dec-19 | Tips & Tricks

Give a Warm Winter Welcome With Personalised Doormats

Personalised Winter Floor Mats

Commercial property owners, especially retailers and those in the hospitality sector, can make a lasting impression with a personalised mat located at their property entrance. It is an opportunity to convey a warm welcome and greet those who have come to visit your location. It is also a hugely busy time of year for the retail sector, with Christmas and the following Boxing Day and January sales, so an investment in protective matting is a wise move.

And what better season to purchase personalised matting for your business that the wet and wild winter months? A personalised doormat can brighten up your shop entrances and reinforce your brand, so why not delight your customers or guests with a subtle personalised touch, and remember your doormat is not just for Christmas!

Offer Seasonal Greetings From Your Business

Commercial and heavy duty personalised doormats can be used internally at a commercial location for those who have come into the building to wipe the wet and dirt from the soles of their shoes. If you use UK based matting supplier Mats Nationwide, you can choose bold artwork or a vibrant message to go on to your matting and better still, we provide the artwork visuals for FREE!

Our commercial clients have made the most of our personalised door mat range to put logos on, welcome messages or even give out some instructions. Some clients opt to use their mats to give out a festive message, especially retailers, and these mats can be used year after year as they are hard-wearing, durable and simple to clean.

But the message you put out does not have to be seasonal. Why not reinforce your brand and brighten up your entrance with your own personalised touch?

Practical Outdoor Personalised Doormats

Outdoor rubber scraper mats and brush logo mats can stand up to the worst of the weather, and still carry a personalised message of your choice. Available in a number of sizes, not only do they provide a canvas to add a welcome message or your branding, they are a defensive barrier for shoes to be wiped on to reduce your cleaning costs and ensure your internal floors remain dry and free from water.

A superior quality personalised mat will stand the test of time and provide that key barrier from the outside world.

Avoid Those Slips and Trips with Floormats

All entrance matting should be non slip to reduce the risk of slips and trips. Health and safety is key for commercial locations and anything that can reduce the risk of customers or staff falling is pivotal.

Hotels, for example, often have hard flooring that creates an impression of cleanliness and style, but these floors when wet can be hazardous. Personalised mats in a hotel lobby serve an important role in ensuring the floors remain dry and safe for guests, but this can be doubled up to greet those staying over or to showcase your brand.

Place an Order for Your Commercial Property

It is really easy to place an order for some brand new personalised doormats.

  1. Simply fill in our quick enquiry form for your free quote.
  2. Free visual emailed to you for approval (no obligation to order). Artwork can be changed free of charge until you are happy with the final design.
  3. Order approved and delivered in 5 days!

If you have any further questions about your personal matting order, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you purchase your perfect mats to use in your commercial space.

Commercial Clients We Have Worked With

Mats Nationwide have worked with a range of well known and established retailers and commercial clients such as British Airways, Specsavers, Marriot, ASDA and Pandora, to name a few, so you know you can trust us to deliver a premium personalised mat for your business.