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Barrier Door Mats for Entrances

Walking across entrance barrier mat

What is a Barrier Mat?

An entry mat with a carpet pile on a rubber backing is sometimes referred to as a barrier door mat. Barrier mats are used in buildings to prevent dirt and water from being tracked through the inside flooring, and they serve as a barrier at the front door and offer a place for visitors to wipe dust, dirt, and moisture from their shoes.

What are the Benefits of using Barrier Door Mats?

Like the benefits of any floor mat, alongside being a great way to prevent dirt and damage to all types of flooring. Floor mats offer a first impression to customers on their way into your store or building.

Barrier door mats are also a much healthier alternative to other mats that don’t trap dirt as efficiently. With any mat, the size and look can display your company’s logo and personality, and luckily barrier mats can be customised as well as cut to any size that’s perfect for your business.

What Materials Are the Barrier Door Mats Made Of?

Rubber backed entrance barrier mat

There are many materials used within the production of our mats, depending on the type of mat you require and whether it will be placed inside or outside. Our printed pile mats are made of nylon fibres that give great colour fastness and washability. In harsh conditions, the 100% nitrile rubber backing of our rubber-based mats resists curling or breaking.

Mats Nationwide’s barrier coir mat collection (also known as coconut or coco matting) is made from 100 percent natural coir fibres and comes in seven classic colours in addition to the bestselling natural colour. We can also make coir mats with your company’s logo, slogan, or emblem on them, in whatever size you like.

As well as the look and function of your floor mat, there are many types, and choosing the right type is crucial in fitting with your business style.

What types of Barrier Door Mats Are There?

There are many different varieties of barrier matting available today, and Mats Nationwide provide barrier entrance mats in a variety of formats including heavy-duty mats, extra-large entrance mats and the ever-popular logo barrier doormats for commercial premises that want to make a great first impression.

With many products to choose from, it is important to consider the functions of the mat and where the mat will be located.

Outdoor Barrier mats

Business man walking over entrance barrier mat

If you require your mat to be outside, then we have outdoor Barrier Mats for entrances and Dirt Trapper mats available that help with heavy duty pile that cleans dirt off shoes and an exclusive containment border which can hold up to 4.5 litres of water per square metre, perfect for areas prone to water or liquid build up.

Outdoor Barrier mats with a brush finish are also an option for high traffic areas. They are made with polypropylene fibre that creates a looped pile that is effective in trapping dirt and debris. We offer these in many colourways and custom sizes suitable for your design.

Industrial Barrier Mats

Our industrial floor mat product line includes anti-fatigue and slip-resistant mats to fit a variety of budgets and requirements. Mats Nationwide is a leading supplier of industrial and workplace matting, providing a diverse selection of commercial matting for a wide range of job situations, including industrial, catering, hospitality, and retail. Our mats serve to promote staff health and safety while also protecting the property’s floor areas. Install anti-fatigue and anti-slip matting to improve the working environment for your employees.

Washable Entrance Barrier Mats

Rubber backed barrier mat

With most mats, cleaning isn’t a very regular thing, but if you have dirt build up or want to keep on top of your mat looking good and tidy, then you are in good hands!

Depending on your type of mat, there are different ways to clean. With rubber mats, a simple shake and brush down with some soap and water will be enough to refresh your mats look and function. With carpet pile and coir mats they require a little more effort to clean. A shake and brush with a stiff bristle brush can loosen and free any dust and debris. For more tips on cleaning and maintaining your mat, visit our tips on cleaning.

Custom Barrier Mat Cutting and Sizing

Made to measure barrier mats

With Mats Nationwide our barrier door mats can be custom cut into the size you require and if you need a barrier mat cutting to size, we can get it the right size for you. Whether you need a small or large barrier mat, we sell custom-sized made-to-measure door mats to a wide range of clients in a number of industries, including education, healthcare, retail, and hotels, and have delivered made-to-measure mats to customers not just in the UK but also internationally.

Browse our extensive selection of made-to-measure barrier door matting, and if you discover something that’s right for your home, visit our contact us page and our knowledgeable staff will be pleased to assist you in customising the floor mat to meet your exact needs.