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Add Colour And Protect Floors With Hotel Entrance Mats

Hotel Mats for Entrances

Protecting Hotel Entrance Flooring & Reduce Safety Risks

“It’s a fact that slip-and-fall incidents are the number one cause of accidents at hotels, with up to 70 percent occurring on even-level surfaces” according to the Global Floor Safety Network.

It’s therefore essential that the correct floor mats are placed throughout your hotel to protect customers, staff and visitors from wet, slippy indoor and outdoor floor space.

Every business, no matter the type, can benefit from the use of protective doormats. Not only do they enhance your hotel’s image, but they also provide safety and comfort, all while protecting your floors. Without entrance matting, the footfall of 1,500 people can remove 42% of the finish from hotel floors.

Size of Hotel Entrance Mats

For maximum protection, we recommend doubling the size of the indoor entrance matting to ensure the shoes are wiped completely dry before entering further inside a building.

With a fabulous range of doormats available in such a variety of colours, patterns and sizes, hotels can use matting as an exciting way to enhance entrances and exits. Many hotels often upgrade to logo mats to reinforce their brand’s identity and colours and make use of often unnoticed floor space.

Logo mats for hotels are available in a variety of styles and can either be manufactured as either a loose lay mat or to be placed into a recessed well.

  • Coir Logo
  • Printed Logo
  • Outdoor Brush
  • Outdoor Rubber Scraper

All doormats can be custom made to your bespoke size or choose from a variety of standard sizes available.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Hotels should also consider Anti Fatigue Matting for staff who stand for long periods of time behind reception desks. These employees often complain of aching legs and feet, back pain and joint stiffness. In some extreme cases, it can lead to more serious medical problems such as varicose veins.
Anti-Fatigue matting is designed to reduce stress exerted on muscles and joints providing welcome relief and increased productivity for employees.

Anti-fatigue mats are manufactured using a premium nitrile rubber which is oil, grease and chemical resistant plus lightweight and easy to clean.

Kitchen Mats for Hotel Chefs

Safety within a hotel kitchen is paramount and the correct type of entrance matting can dramatically reduce the risk of slipping on liquid or food that is split. Most Catering Mats are designed with a series of holes throughout the mat, to allow for any food or liquid debris to fall through. Once the kitchen has closed you can simply lift up the mat and clean the food and liquid remnants away.

Reviews from Our Hotel Clients

“Hallmark Hotels have used Mats Nationwide for a number of years for our properties. Could not fault the attention to detail and service levels provided. Always a quick response and efficient delivery of great products. Thank you”.

Linda Gregory | Manchester & Warrington Cluster General Manager | Hallmark Hotel Manchester Airport

“Logo mat fantastic, we will 100% keep you in mind for any more we need”.

Laura Elliot | Hotel Excellence Manager | Holiday Inn Chessington

“Very satisfied with the end product and the service above all was excellent”.

Francoise Mvells | General Manager | Holliday Inn Dartford

For prices, samples and further information you can call us one of our team on 01565 756 152 or email sales@matsnationwide.co.uk