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Door Mats

Door mats have been used in or outside of properties for a very long time, with the purpose of trapping dirt from those entering a building, so as not to spoil or dirty the area they are about to enter. Although this may seem a basic idea, when you start to add into the equasion of adding branding and/or logo's to this item, it becomes a whole new ballgame.

A quality product will save you on cleaning duties, dirt and dust control and also provide a welcoming entrance to boot.

By using a branded or un-branded door mat from Matsnationwide, you can be rest assured your doorway will look its best at all times.

If you are in the commercial or industrial sector, having your trade mark or logo or emblem at the entrance to your building is so important for the underlying aspects of subliminal messaging and making those who enter, remember where they have been and what an experience they had.

Having a:

  • customised
  • decorative
  • monogrammed
  • bespoke
  • personalised
  • unique
  • welcome 

Can only stand you in good stead in enhancing that "first impression counts" moment.

Generate a welcome atmosphere the minute they step in the doorway. With a selection of Coir / coco, indoor, outdoor, rubber-backed, embelished or not.

Make that first impression count!

Door mats serve a dual purpose. While they, of course, allow visitors to wipe their feet when they enter a building, they are also a decorative piece that can add style to any space. Choosing the right type and colour makes a big difference in the overall appearance of any building.

Indoor and outdoor mats serve a similar purpose, but they are designed slightly different. Generally, an outdoor version will be made of a waterproof material so that it does not become damaged during a rainstorm. Additionally, an outdoor type is more likely to be tracked with mud and other material. An indoor product is designed with a non-slip bottom so that it does not move around and while it will still be tracked onto, there is likely much less dirt and moisture.

If you have decided that door mats are a must for your structure, check out the selection here at Mats Nationwide. We carry a number of different designs as well as all colours and patterns. Our logo mats are also a great choice if you want to share your message while you protect your floor. No matter what your doormat needs, give us a call and let us help you make the right decision.

Customer Service

If you have any questions, please get in touch. Our helpful and knowledgeable team will be able to help you with everything from selecting the right entrance mat, through to payment and delivery options. Call 01565 756152


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“Mats fantastic, we will 100% keep you in mind for any more we need”

Laura Elliot, Hotel Excellence Manager, Holiday Inn Chessington, Surrey

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